Sudoku Teaching Assistant

Learn Sudoku
Learn how to solve Sudoku puzzles with this Sudoku Teaching Assistant Microsoft Excel workbook.  It is designed to help you solve easy to moderately complex puzzles while teaching you to how to solve them.

To start with, the user may enter their own puzzle, or use one of the built-in puzzles.  The flowchart present a step by step sequence of patterns that one can look for - the user is encouraged to learn the patterns and solve on their own; at the same time the computer can be used to help find patterns that the user may have missed, and optionally solve them.  Tedious work such as determining the candidates (possibilities) for a range of cells in the Sudoku puzzle can be taken care of by the computer.  More advanced users can use the program to automate some of the easier steps that they are already good at, and focus on learning the more difficult patterns. 

Sudoku Teaching Assistant is not intended as a source of puzzles - however, a small number of built-in puzzles are included.  It is intended more as a learning tool and helper program. 

Make sure to enable macros in the workbook on start-up, and to read the 'Getting Started' section of Help.  Start by using it to solve easy puzzles and work your way up to the hard ones.

It can also be used to enhance your Excel skills via the addition of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code to your workbooks to create forms/dialog boxes, buttons etc. and for performing other tasks.  It does not teach VBA, but serves more as a programming example.  The Visual Basic source code can be accessed via the 'Developer' Tab in Excel, and is about 4000 lines.

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